Editorial Guidelines

Hometowners are news releases about people at an institution. They are delivered to editors and reporters who cover local news beats.

General Hometowner Guidelines

readMedia requires students' full names in single format and individual hometowner headlines. This ensures that each hometowner gets a unique, personalized headline for the online version of their story, and makes it easier for students and parents to share the story to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Every hometowner needs to include the name of the student's hometown in the body of the release. Media outlets often have large coverage areas and need to know which municipality each student is from.

Hometowner headlines should be written in title case. Headlines in all capitals may mistakenly be labeled as spam in a recipient’s email inbox.

Individual Hometowners

Individual hometowners are hometown news press releases about one person or a select few people. The media recipients for these hometowners expect personalized news stories about individuals. readMedia may refuse to distribute an individual hometowner if is written about the issuing organization instead of about a person. All news about your organization should be sent as a traditional readMedia press release.