Web Stats

Demonstrate the effectiveness and reach of your hometowners in traditional and social media

Social Media Sharing

Encourage students and parents to share their hometowners on their social networks

The Individual Hometowner

Learn how to send only one hometown news announcement at a time.

Customize Headlines

Learn more about inserting individual details into single-format headlines.

Resend a Hometowner

Learn more about resending hometown news announcements to newspapers that missed them.

Carbon Copy a Parent

Learn how to email a parent a personalized copy of their child’s hometown news announcement.

Editorial Review

Learn more about readMedia's editorial review for hometowners.

Improved Templates

Learn more about some improvements that will make it easier to create and save templates.

Correct Invalid Zip Codes

Learn more about how to replace incorrectly uploaded zip codes in your spreadsheet.

Delete a Record

Learn how to remove an individual from one of your spreadsheets.