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Incorrect Zip Codes

The Hometown Newsmaker matches postal codes in your spreadsheet with newspapers across the US. Therefore, if a record in your spreadsheet is missing a zip code or if it's listed incorrectly, we can't match it up with any newspapers. You can view and edit these erroneous zip codes from your original spreadsheet inside readMedia’s Hometown Newsmaker.

How It Works

If all of the zip codes in your spreadsheet are standard US postal codes, you won’t notice a thing. However, if you upload a spreadsheet that contains invalid zip codes, you’ll be alerted to them immediately. (Click on the picture below to view a full-size version.)

To correct any erroneous postal codes in your spreadsheet, simply click “View/edit the spreadsheet you just uploaded.” You can also edit the spreadsheet directly from your Hometown News homepage. Any spreadsheet with invalids zip(s) will have a red flag.

When viewing your spreadsheet, any rows with incorrect zip codes will be found at the top if your list – highlighted in red. Simply double-click on the Postal Code field and make the necessary corrections. NOTE: You don't have to make corrections to your spreadsheet if you don't want to. The Hometown Newsmaker will simply ignore any entry highlighted in red when distributing your hometowners.

Lastly, when it comes time to select a spreadsheet while sending a hometowner, any lists with invalid zip codes will have a red flag beside them.