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Customize Headlines

Headlines are at their best when they are loaded with details. In a world crawling with online press releases it’s important to make your headlines as specific as possible. Newspapers love getting ready-to-print hometowners with personalized headlines! Including an individual’s name in your headline makes your news more likely to appear in print and online.

How it works

While creating a single-format template, you will see an option to insert placeholders in both your headline and sub-headline. Simply click the green placeholder button to insert a field from your spreadsheet. It’s that easy! Your placeholders will appear in your headline(s) the same way they would in the body of your release. (Click on the picture below to view a full-size version.)

When a newspaper receives your hometown news announcement, the details you select from your spreadsheet will appear in your headline(s). Here’s a sample:

Note: Only single-format hometowners can be customized for individuals.