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Individual Hometowner

We know that occasionally you may need to send news about only one person at your institution rather than a group of people. Instead of uploading a spreadsheet with one row in it, you can use the Individual Hometowner feature which lets you send a hometowner about an individual (or a very small group of people) and target his or her hometown directly.

How it works

On your Hometown News tab, you’ll notice that hometowners are broken up into two categories: Group Hometowners and Individual Hometowners. Group Hometowners combine a spreadsheet of student data with personalized templates to create unique news stories.

Under the Individual Hometowners section, you’ll see a “Send Hometowner” button. This will take you through to a four-step process for sending an individual hometowner.

You don’t need a spreadsheet or template for an individual hometowner. Simply write a press release about an individual and paste it into the Hometowner Body box.

Once you’ve pasted or typed the body of your hometowner, you can easily target it to the appropriate area simply by typing in one or more city or ZIP codes. You can select up to five unique locations for a individual hometowner and readMedia will build a hometown news distribution list just like we do with group hometowners.

Distributing an individual hometowner will send the same press release to every recipient you’ve selected. We’ll also include them in our syndicated feeds and report back to you on delivery.

To learn more about how to send an individual hometowner, check out our guide.