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How to send a Group Hometowner

Step 1: Create a spreadsheet containing all of the students and information you want to include in your press releases

Save your spreadsheet as an .xls or .csv file

Step 2: Log into your account on www.readmedia.com

Step 3: On your Hometown Newsmaker tab click the Import Spreadsheet link

Step 4: Name and upload your spreadsheet

Your upload may take a moment

Step 5: Select View/edit the spreadsheet you just uploaded

Step 6: On your Hometown News tab click on the Compose template link

Step 7: Enter the contact information for your template

Step 8: Draft your single format template

The MLE determines whether a newspaper receives a press release about

one person or multiple people by matching the postal codes from your

spreadsheet with the publication's coverage area.

Step 9: Draft your multiple format template

Step 10: Review and save your template

Step 11:
Either select Send a press release with this template or click on the "Send Hometowner" link under the Group Hometowner section of your Hometown News tab.


Step 12: Select the template you just created or another template you have composed and saved to use for your press release

Step 13: Select the spreadsheet you just uploaded or another spreadsheet for your template to pull information from

Step 14: Fill in your placeholders using the green drop down boxes

Step 15: (Optional) Click Recipient Preview to see your releases

Step 16: (Optional) Examine your newspaper previews

Exiting this page will return you to step 14