Sorting Data

Managing spreadsheets can be a little tricky at times. Because of this you'll want to make sure your data is organized and easy to read. One thing you should do is sort your spreadsheet so that it's easy to find the information that's important to you.

In the spreadsheet below, you'll notice that all of the data is in random order:

We can organize it by sorting it according to any of the columns in our spreadsheet. To do this, we'll first want to highlight all of the rows we want to sort: 

We can then choose the Data option and select Sort.

Next we'll be able to choose which column of information we'd like to sort our data by. For this example, we'll use the High School column. Notice that we could select a second tier of sortable data if we'd like. For example, we could sort our spreadsheet according to the person's hometown and then their last name if we'd like. In a larger spreadsheet this would create an alphabetical list of people within each town.

Clicking OK will move all of the students with high schools listed to the top of our spreadsheet: