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Attach Documents

Press releases are enhanced when they're supplemented with attachments. A high-quality photo, PDF or video will improve the overall look and feel of your release. You can attach up to three files to any readMedia press release. The files can be photos, videos, audio, PDFs, spreadsheets, text documents or more.

How it works

It's easy. While drafting your release, you'll see an optional section at the bottom for attachments. Click on the browse button to locate a file on your computer and attach it to your press release. You'll see a description field beneath each attachment. Use this space to include a caption (if applicable).

When your release appears on the readMedia Newswire, readers can view your attachment by clicking on the file in the Related Media section. Here's what it looks like:

Click here to see the actual press release on the web.

When the reader clicks on an attachment, they'll be able to view it in a larger window. If it's a photo they can view the original size image and download a high-quality version of it.

NOTE: All attachments must be 5 MB (or less) in size. You cannot attach executable files.