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Brand Your Releases

You can enhance any of your press releases with your organization's logos and letterheads.

How it Works

It's easy. When you click on the Press Releases tab inside your account you'll see sections for My Logos and My Letterhead on the right-hand side. You can have as many logos and letterheads as you'd like. Simply click on the "New Letterhead/Logo" link on this screen to upload a new image to your account.

When it comes time to send your release, you'll be able to attach any of your available logos or letterheads.

Your logo will appear on the readMedia Newswire as a small clickable image that takes readers to an archive of your organization's news. You can find it in the "News From" section on the right side of your screen.

Your letterhead is a banner image that will span the top of your release. Click on the Print button to see a high-quality (printable) version of the press release with your letterhead displayed at the top.

To view this release on the readMedia Newswire, click here.