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Web Stats

Web Stats is a great feature in Newsmaker that allows you to find out where people are discovering and reading your press releases online. 

Take a close up look at web stats in the video below:

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The rank of your press release is determined by the amount of times it was viewed online on the day it was issued. The rank is displayed alongside your recently issued press releases on your dashboard. If your press release was in the top 10 on that day, a flame icon will be displayed next to the rank.

Note: To view the rank for older releases, click on the press releases tab, then go to the Web Stats menu item on the right hand side. 

Web Stats on the Delivery Report

The Delivery Report is your home base for Web Stats. Go to your delivery report by clicking on the recipient count next to your press release headlines.

On the delivery report page you can:
  • View the top referrers for your press release
  • View the top 10 press releases on the readMedia Newswire on that day
  • View the media recipients that received your release 
  • Share your news by using social media
  • Email your press release to more recipients
How do I increase my rank?

You have the power to increase your rank by using social media. Posting your press release to social media sites puts your news in front of new audiences and gets more exposure for your organization. You should use these tools every time you send a press release. After your press release is sent out, be sure to visit your delivery report or the online version of your press release to use these tools.

What are referrers?

You'll see the top 10 referrers for your press release on the delivery report page. Referrers are anything online that drives visits and visitors to your news release. They can be social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google, or direct traffic from links.

What are direct referrers?

Direct referrers can be a number of things, but it usually happens when someone clicks on a direct link to your press release. A link to the online version of your press release is included with every email version, so a lot of direct traffic occurs when your media recipients click to view your release online.

When are Web Stats available?

Web Stats will generally be available 24 hours after a release is sent.